Backend Developer

Would you like to be first runner in unlocking the full potential of digitalization of resource optimisation in buildings and be a part in making the world greener? And are you enthusiastic about software and high-quality code? Then you might be the backend developer we are looking for!

Who is Wise Home?

Wise Home is a Danish tech start-up from 2016. We build our own software for property administrators, and we see ourselves as the new player on an old field.

Our solutions automate manual tasks and gives insights in the property and the utility usages. If you like to find clever solutions in complex domains, Wise Home is the perfect place for you.

Our work culture is informal and kind, and we strive to create an environment where all co-workers have the right amount of challenge.

The company is placed in Ry, which is quickly reached from Aarhus, Skanderborg and Silkeborg.

About the job and team

You will be part of a company with software developers, UX designers, domain specialists and on-boarding staff. We work closely together and have a short idea-decision-implementation loop.

In the development team, we work by agile principles, ensuring that we always work on the issues that are most critical or brings the most value. Our agile process also means that we can quickly change our roadmap and focus, if needed.

We make a mobile app for technicians, software running on gateways, web frontends toward customers and internal support, and last but not least, a backend for all the heavy lifting in retrieving measurements from utility meters and data from API integrations.

Since we are a small team, we also do DevOps, security/privacy analysis, internal support cases helping out our customers to name a few. The role will be suited to your skills and interests.

Our backend is written in Elixir, but we expect no prior knowledge about Elixir.

The job will require you to continuously learn, but if you have something to teach us, we would be happy to hear it.

What profile are we looking for?

• You have experience in developing backend software solutions that are reliable, testable and maintainable.

• You have preferably experience with efficiently orchestrating the retrieving data from a multiple data providers.

• You have experience in deploying solution using continuous integration and continuous


• You might have experience with Elixir and associated libraries like Phoenix and Ecto.

• You care about code quality and data security – and you like to review and get your code reviewed. We use git as VCS and Github as our main platform for collaborating with code.

• You are driven by a desire for improving your skills as well as learning new ones.

• You might have experience with Ansible and Docker/Podman for deployment.

What would you do?

• You will be developing and deploying production-ready software solutions that will be used by many users.

• Together with the rest of the software team, you will take part in monitoring the health and performance of the deployed software systems, as well as resolving issues.

• You will be part of a software team where you will bring your experience and skillset to the table when new decisions must be taken.

What do we offer?

• Full time job with a monthly salary according to qualifications.

• Flexible working hours and a healthy work/life balance.

• An exciting job with kind co-workers, where there is time to have fun too.


If you want more information about the job, or you want to apply for the job, reach out to:

Søren Aagaard Mikkelsen
+45 40 63 16 18