LF lead frontend developer (Javascript, ReactJS, ReactNative) – We have fun building great software

Are you enthusiastic about software and high-quality code? Are you an experienced frontend developer, and do you want to be part of a social and competent dev team, that cares about your code? We’re looking for a lead to join us!


Location: Ry in Østjylland, semi-remote or fully remote – you decide.

Experience: We need a lead – We are looking for someone with great coding experience but also a drive to mentor, guide and lead other.

Hours: Full time, flexible working hours, and good work/life balance – and we mean it.

Challenges: Plenty! We have our own software, and we are expanding.

Colleagues: Your closest will be the highly social development team – We chat a lot on our Slack channel (The kind of channel where code review requests are mixed with cat videos and GIFs)

Language: English or Danish

Interested? Read more below!

About Wise Home

Wise Home is a Danish tech startup from 2016. We build our own software for property administrators, and we see ourselves as the new player on an old field.

Our solutions automate manual tasks and gives insights in the property and the utility usages. If you like to find clever solutions in complex domains, Wise Home is the perfect place for you.

Our work culture is informal and kind, and we strive to create an environment where all coworkers have the right amount of challenge.

The job

We’re looking for a lead frontend developer to lead our frontend software, written in ReactJS. We also have an app written in ReactNative. In the coming year we are looking to improve our solutions heavy in terms of functionality and overall UI, hence your work will impact our software greatly. We have a UX designer who you will be working closely with – We strive for this collab to be discussion based, and our designer is keen to find someone willing to challenge and discuss, to make the best solutions from both a design and code perspective.

Besides a UX-designer, you will be joining a team with 2-3 backend developers. The job as a frontend lead requires you to be interested in leading and mentoring other frontend developers, who will (most likely) join the team later next year.

In the development team we have a great atmosphere of trust. For example, we focus on a positive code review process, where we exchange knowledge, perspectives, and focus on learning and delivering high quality code. We own our software, and we always aim for delivering high quality code. This reflects positive on the time allocated for every issue. We do have the time to deliver well written and well tested code – in our opinion, it makes work so much more fun and fulfilling.

4 highlights from the dev team: 

– We are disciplined with testing, use continuous integration, and focus on delivering quality software

– We love our own software and solutions: Changes and releases are shared and celebrated!

– We prioritize time for learning and time for developing your programming skills

– We have time for fun

Since we’re a small team we also do devops, security, internal support cases and everything else. The role will be suited to your skills and interests.

We work by agile principles, ensuring that we always work on the issues that are most critical or brings the most value. Our agile process also means that we can quickly change our roadmap and focus, if needed.

The development team work mostly remote, so a fully remote position is possible. HQ is in Ry, Denmark.

We offer:

  • Monthly salary according to qualifications
  • Flexible working hours and a healthy work/life balance
  • Enthusiastic coworkers in an exciting software business


Reach out to Lasse, Head of Development in Wise Home with both questions and application

Lasse Skindstad Ebert

+45 31 27 04 40